Timeless Beauty
Our stones are beautiful and rich
with Character. We are passionate about creating a
product that will bring you undeniable beauty and timeless value.
High Standard of quality
We embrace the philosophy of high standard of quality to create Decorstone- The Stone of Excellence. We are proud of our past accomplishments, strive to create a culture of growth.
Unique Designs & Versatility
We offer 6 lines of stones available in different shapes and colors. Decorstone fits into any building design, large or small; Interior or exterior; residential or commercial; remodeling or new.
Innovative Technology
We pride in our state of the art manufacturing facility, where our artisans skillfully creates each stone by hand,using locally available raw materials, to replica the look and feel of natural stone. We believe that our artisans and our employees are our biggest asset.
Customer Service
Customer service is our #1 priority. if you have any questions relating to our products. Please contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.
Easy Installation & Maintenance
Our Stones are lighter and easy to install. “Once you fix it, you can simply forget it”. No Further maintenance is required for these stones. Their color and appeal is permanent.

Created with true passion and love

Every product is designed individually.

Tested for quality and approved by expert